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Ancestors of David Birley (b. 1934)

The proprietor of this website. Ancestry leading backwards to John Birley of Skippool, Lancashire, b. abt 1685

Descendants of David Birley (b. 1934)

The proprietor of this website. Descendants to date of most current update of website. Unlike all other groups here, in this group all living persons are listed by name and relevant information.

Descendants of John Birley (b.1710)

Working in the opposite direction, descendancy through my grandchildren.

Hornby of Lancashire

During the years 1960-1972 William A. Hornby did extensive research into the Hornby family of Lancashire. The resulting carefully hand-typed pages, linked together with a key map and lines linking the various descendancies extended to 192 pages. In March, 1997 David and Linda Birley visited his widow, Mrs. Jennifer Eckersley, and his son, Hugh Hornby at their beautiful old home in St, Michael's-on-Wyre near Preston in Lancashire. Mrs. Eckersley graciously went to the village and made copies of the entire collection for us. It might be mentioned that she also made a delicious luncheon for us which we enjoyed while looking through the picture window of the kitchen towards one of the tenant farms still owned by the family.

This section contains the preamble to the linked names, which discusses the origins of the Hornby name. In addition a preliminary pair of pages has been uploaded which contains about half the information gained from Mr. Hornby's research. Using the Ven. Phipps John Hornby as the pivot point, the two files show ancestors and descendants of that gentlemen.

Ancestors of Linda (Gill) Birley (b. 1946)

Linda is the wife of David. This genealogy leads back to the Gardiners and Pillings

Descendants of Henry Gardner/Gardiner (b. abt. 1500)

George Gardner of Rhode Island is definitely a progenitor of this line, with the earliest reference to him there being in 1637. However it must be acknowledged that the line back from him to Michael Gardner of London, and through him to the Henry Gardner of this list is somewhat suspect. The late Andrews Moriarty, who was one of the best informed researchers of this line casts substantial doubt on the genealogies prepared by Robinson, and others. On the other hand, the descendancy from 1637 has some pretty substantial documentation to back it up.

Descendants of Edmund PILLING (b.abt 1677)

Several years ago, Maxine Pilling Rodgers prepared a volume detailing the descendants of this pioneering family. It was entitled Richard Pilling, a Family Heritage. Most of the information in this set of data originates from that book.

08/06/2016: It appears that the data had a severe corruption in it, resulting in a number of totally wrong places for events. It has been rebuilt from the existing data, where it appears much place data has become lost. It will be corrected from the Pilling book at some time in the future.

Barff of Yorkshire and Lancashire

Received in December, 1999 by e-mail from William Shires Barff. Contains 631 individuals, not all necessarily linked together.

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