Fifth Generation

90. Thomas Hornby Birley J. P.3,246,287,288,289 was born on 11 May 1815 in Ford Bank, Didsbury, Lancashire, England.3,4 He died on 26 January 1885 at the age of 69 in Didsbury, Lancashire, England.3,290,291 He was buried after 26 January 1885 at Saint James Church in Didsbury, Manchester, Lancashire, England.290,291 Buried in a vault in Didsbury Churchyard Dwelling place is listed as [Dwelling]3 IGI listing spells second given name as "Hoomby". This is incorrect; it is "Hornby".

Thomas Hornby Birley J. P. and Anne Leatham were married on 3 August 1843. Anne Leatham135,292, daughter of James Leatham and Catherine Francis White, was born on 18 July 1820. She died on 11 September 1866 at the age of 46 in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England.

Thomas Hornby Birley J. P. (K8K8-2BY) and Anne Leatham (KCKD-Y91) had the following children:



Anne Katharine Birley22,135,293 was born on 17 August 1845 in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England. She was christened on 27 September 1845 in Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. She died on 11 May 1923 at the age of 77 in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England.



James Leatham Birley22,294,295 was born on 22 December 1847 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England. He was christened on 15 April 1848 in Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. He died on 20 February 1866 at the age of 18 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England. James was buried on 27 February 1866 in Didsbury, Lancashire, England.



Francis Hornby Birley J. P. (K695-MKL).



Caroline Birley22,293,296,297 was born on 16 November 1851 in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England.298 She was christened on 12 June 1852 in Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. She died on 15 February 1907 at the age of 55 in Kensington, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom.299 Caroline Birley was born on November 16th 1851 at York Place, Oxford Road, Manchester. She was the daughter of Thomas Birley and the niece of Hugh Birley MP and of Herbert Birley, for many years chairman of the Manchester School Board.
In 1857 the family moved from York Place to Highfield, Heaton Mersey. In 1864 they moved again to Hart Hill, Pendleton. It was in 1864 that Caroline's interest in geology became clear, as she began her subscription to The Geological Magazine. She remained at Hart Hill until 1884, when she moved to 4 Seedley Terrace, Pendleton. In 1887 the British Association for the Advancement of Science held a conference in Manchester. Caroline attended and became a member. In 1888 she became a life member, and appears to have attended every annual meeting up to her death.
Between 1887 and 1905 Caroline made many trips abroad, often for the purpose of collecting geological specimens. Her trips included:

January 1887 - Egypt
June 1887 - Cortina
July 1888 - Faxe, Denmark
May 1889 - Faroe Islands
May 1890 - Faroe Islands
July 1891 - Faxe
November 1891 - Malta
November 1892 - Algiers
November 1893 - Corsica
August 1897 - Canada
April 1899 - Azores
April 1902 - Boulogne
July 1905 - South Africa

The material she collected all went into the museum she created in her garden at Pendleton. This was called the Seedley Museum and she opened it to members of the public in 1888.
In 1895 she made out a will, leaving the majority of her Mineral and Geological collections to the British Museum of Natural History. She instructed the museums relevant keepers (Mr L Fletcher and Dr H Woodward) to select the material they wanted from her collections and to pass the rest to The Manchester Museum. She also requested, though not making it a stipulation of her Will, that the material was labelled as belonging to the Caroline Birley Collection.
In addition there were a small number of bequests to specific individuals.

In 1896 she moved to London, returning to Pendleton shortly before her death from influenza on February 15th, 1907.

This is the little I've discovered. Although Caroline's will states material should have gone to the British Museum or to Manchester, it seems parts of the collection were also offered to the museums at Bolton, Bury, Rochdale and Warrington, as well as to the Manchester Grammar School museum. In the case of Bolton, Mr L. Fletcher of the British Museum, along with Mr F.H. Birley, arranged this. Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to estimate the total size of her collections.
The material we hold in Bolton covers more than just the localities I mention above, and I assume Caroline made other trips I have no record of. She also did a large amount of collecting in Britain.
As far as I can tell her love of geology started young and was very much individual to her. Certainly, there is no indication of any members of her family sharing her interest.

The majority of collectors at that time were generally independently wealthy men and clergymen. This makes Caroline's collections all the more notable.

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Walter Birley135,293 was born in 1852 in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England. He died in 1852 at the age of 0 in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:Died before Eight]