Fifth Generation

60. Adalina Mary Birley3,71 was born on 24 November 1832 in Restalrig, Nr. Edinburgh, Scotland.3,4 She died on 16 October 1873 at the age of 40 in Scotland. BIRTH-PROBLEM: It appears that the Pedigree book has attributed 6 children to James' marriage to Mary incorrectly. If it were correct, then the birthdates of all six children were prior to Jane's death, and would imply an inappropriate relationship between James and Jane that is hard to countenance for six children. It would seem more likely that the six children belong to Jane.

Adalina Mary Birley and Rev. John Black were married on 3 February 1856 in Scotland.3,4 Rev. John Black3,194 was born on 24 April 1832 in Scotland.3 He died on 20 October 1888 at the age of 56 in Scotland.3