Sixth Generation

161. Margaret Alice45,48,49,420,421 was born about 1842 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England.

Margaret Alice and Col. Leyland Hornby were married in 1877 in England. Col. Leyland Hornby45,48,422, son of Robert Hornby and Maria Leyland Feilden, was born on 18 January 1845 in England. He died on 25 March 1897 at the age of 52. E. Surrey Regt., one-time Col. Cdg. 31st. Regimental District. Educated at Rossall. Ensign, 1863. Lt. 1866. Capt., 1871. Major, 1881. Brevet Lt. Col., 1885. Lt. Col., 1895. Col. 1889. Served with 70th Regt. in N.Z. War, 1864/5 (Medal); in Afghan War, 1878/9 (Medal); and in expedn. to Sudan, 1885, with 2nd. Battn., E. Surrey Regt. Present at attack on convoy, and in advance to Temai (despatches). Awarded medal with clasp and Khedive's Star. Cdg. Battn., 1887. Died without issue.