Seventh Generation

334. Studley Patrick Birley3,582,583 was born on 17 March 1904 in Swinton, Lancashire, England.4 He died on 29 July 1962 at the age of 58 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.584 He was buried on 2 August 1962 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Moved to Canada in 1930 and was a teacher at Brentwood Grammar School until 1933. Started studying Architecture, and completed the normal 7-year "articling" period in 4 years. Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (about 1955) Lieut. Cmdr. RCNVR (Royal Canadian Navy, Voluntary Reserve) 1938-1945 Following the war, formed a partnership with a former navy acquaintance John Wade as Birley and Wade, and later took in a former Provincial government architect, Bill Stockdale: Birley, Wade and Stockdale. A large amount of the firm's work was for the Canadian Navy, the Bank of Montreal, and a number of local churches - mostly Anglican. He was an avid boatman, and always had a power boat - the Tanzilla during "the war", followed later by the Thetis (about 26' long, slept 4), and finally the Gazelle, a 26' Chris Craft with twin V-8 engines, and sleeping for 6. Island camping and fishing were frequent activities. He was also an accomplished musician, especially on the piano and the accordian.David Birley (1) and Linda Birley (2) were proxies for parents for sealing

Studley Patrick Birley and Patience Hilda Lloyd were married on 28 August 1929 in Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, England.3,585 Patience Hilda Lloyd3,135,448,585,586,587, daughter of Hugh Salusbury Lloyd and Mary Hilda Square, was born on 11 December 1905 in Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom.585 She died on 25 September 2010 at the age of 104 at 3067 La Pietra Circle in Honolulu, Hawaii, U. S. A.. Personal history note by David Birley: Mother was an artist and photographer. She had many "one-man shows" at art galleries in Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., and in Honolulu Hawaii. Her preferred medium in her earlier life was pastel, but in later life she turned her interest more to oils and acrylics. She was always a specialist in portraiture - both of people and animals, although animals were by far her preference. It was often noted that she had a knack for capturing the personality of an animal in her pictures. During World War II she would drive from Victoria north on Vancouver Island to Cowichan Bay (about 40 miles) each weekend to go fishing for salmon and cod, and throughout the war this fish was one of our main sources of animal protein. After father's death in 1962, she moved to Honolulu which she has always loved. There she met and later married Charles Street. After his death she met and married (at age 82!) Barry Bauernschmidt.

For an extended interview conducted in February, 1993, see file D:\MYFILES\DAVE\MOMINTVW.WPD.


"Batted the cycle" with Anita on December 17, 2011. Youth group from Augusta, GA was there and performed baptism for Mom, then DHB performed confirmation. Anita took care of Initiatory and endowment for her. After that we went together and covered all Mom's sealings including this one.

Studley Patrick Birley (KNQ2-BJT) and Patience Hilda Lloyd (LH8P-775) had the following children:



Pamela Mary Birley (K2J7-J4K).