The Family Snapshot Page

Here are some pictures that we made the last time we had a family get-together to celegrate our newest grandchild getting a name and a blessing (April,1998) (click any picture to see it enlarged):

This is Alex Fitzgerald taken in May, 1998. Cheeky little dude, isn't he?



Carah White, taken at the same gathering

Chris White with Carah, Megan, and Wendy; taken in May, 1998 ChrisWhiteFamily4-1998.jpg (36206 bytes)

Christian3Generation.jpg (17314 bytes)

Here's Baby Christian with his Mom, Katrina, his Dad, John Birley, and Katrina's parents, the Adamses.
Katrina, Christian, and John Birley; May, 1998

KatrinaChristianJohn.jpg (13397 bytes)

MeganAndCarahWhiteApril1998.jpg (19462 bytes)

Megan and Carah White, May 1998


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