St Michael's Church, Kirkham, Lancashire: 1997

Here are some pictures that we made when we visited the church of St Michael's in Kirkham during our visit to England in March 1997 (click any picture to see it enlarged).

StMichaelsKirkham1997.jpg (21387 bytes)

This interior of St. Michael's Church, Kirkham is from a hand held exposure, hence not wire sharp. The East stained glass window and the brass lecturn visible at the front of the pews and slightly to the right were both gifts of Birley family members.
Closer view of the east window.

EastWindowStMichaelsKirkham.jpg (37993 bytes)

LecternStMichaelsKirkham.jpg (21352 bytes)

This is the beautiful brass lecturn given to the church by a Birley family member.
Detail of the inscribed base of the lecturn; donor's name appears to be Bevil Langton Birley.

BaseOfLecternStMichaelsKirkham.jpg (20761 bytes)

ChaliceGivenToStMichaelsKirkham.jpg (12405 bytes)

Chalice donated to the church by Birley family member
Inscription on base of chalice: "St. Michael's Church Kirkham, A.D. 1853. Gift of Charles and Elizabeth Birley."

BaseOfChaliceGivenToStMichaelsChurchKirkham.jpg (14503 bytes)

MabellaBaxendaleBirleyPlaque.jpg (17502 bytes)

Memorial inscription for Mabella (Baxendale) Birley in St. Michael's Church, Kirkham:  "Sacred to the memory of Mabella, the beloved wife of Hugh Birley of Didsbury who died February 16th 1856 aged 55 years; also Charles henry, their son who died November 26th 1857 aged 5 years; also Joseph Reginald, their son who died December 14th, 1857 aged 7 years. Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him? 1.Thess.Chap14,v.14"
Memorial to John Threlfall in St. Michael's church. He was the Husband of Thomas Langton's sister, Sarah, she being my fourth great-grandaunt. Inscription reads: "Sacred to the memory of the Reverend John Threlfal, A.B. who died December 13, 1801 aged 84 years: he was fifty-six years headmaster of Kirkham School. Also to the memory of Sarah his wife who died October 11, 1791 aged 71. This silent marble is erected as a small token of gratitude and affection"

RevJohnThrelfalMemorialKirkham.jpg (20181 bytes)

RichardBradkirkMemorialKirkham.jpg (21518 bytes)

Memorial to Richard Bradkirk in St. Michael's Church, Kirkham, Lancashire. Inscription reads "Near thi place are deposited the mortal remains of Richard Bradkird, Esq. of Bryning Hall in this county who died unmarried on the 7 day of April 1815, in the 67 year of his age. His two surviving sisters, Mary Bradkirk and Elisabeth Langton, relict [widow] of John Langton Esq of Kirkham dedicate this monument of their affectionate regard to the memory of a beloved brother."
"In Memory of William Segar Hodgson of Freckleston Cottage, Kirkham who died 17th April 1910, Aged 77 Years. During his life he took an active interest in the public affairs of this district. For 27 years he was chairman of the Fylde Board of Guardians. At various times he made generous gifts to this town and neighbourhood and at his death left his property in trust for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Kirkham."

WilliamHodgsonMemorialKirkham.jpg (24567 bytes)

HughHornbyCryptKirkham.jpg (23171 bytes)

Hugh Hornby crypt located on North side of St. Michael's Church, Kirkham.
Inscription on Hugh Hornby Crypt: "Also of Hugh Hilton Hornby of Ribby Hall Esquire, only son of Hugh and Ann Hornby. Born at Ribby 10th September 1830 Died ???? ... also of Mary Alice Hornby ???"

HughHornbyCryptInscriptionKirkham.jpg (12686 bytes)

BirleyCryptKirkham.jpg (32019 bytes)

Linda reading inscriptions from the Birley Crypt in the churchyard of St. Michael's, Kirkham. The condition most of the inscriptions has deteriorated severely as may be seen in the next four pictures.
"In memory of Anne the beloved wife of the Rev. John Shepherd Birley, M.A. eldest son of William and mary Birley. She died 12 May, 1872 aged 67 years and is buried in St. C??? ??niham; also of he husband, Rev. John Shepherd Birley, M.A. who died 1 July, 1883 {remainder unreadable]"

BirleyCryptKirkhamFace1.jpg (30545 bytes)

BirleyCryptKirkhamFace2.jpg (33181 bytes)

As you can see this facet is almost totally unreadable.
"William Birley of Kirkham the son of John and Margaret Birley died in London May 29, 1850 aged 70 years and is buried here. Mary the wife of William Birley daughter of John and Susanna Swainson of Preston died February 19, 1819 aged 40 years and is buried beneath the entrance to this vault. Margaret, second wife of William Birley died 15 January 1864 Aged 78 years. Also Edmund William Birley, elder son of the said Edmund and Caroline Dorothea Birley 17 December 1840 aged 52 years."

BirleyCryptKirkhamFace3.jpg (34814 bytes)

BirleyCryptKirkhamFace4.jpg (36014 bytes)

Another side that is essentially unreadable.
Linda transcribing inscriptions from gravestones in St. Michael's churchyard. It was bitterly cold, but she bravely kept copying untill she hadd as many as it was possible to get. Note the square-nosed spade leaning against the crypt in the background; I bought this at an ironmonger's store in the village so that we could remove the moss and grass that had grown over many of these gravestones. The Birley crypt is behind her.

LindaRecordingBirleyGravestones1997.jpg (28541 bytes)


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