Visit with Auntie Barbara in Didsbury, Lancashire: 1997

Here are some pictures that we made when we visited Auntie Barbara and St. James' Church in Didsbury during our visit to England in March 1997 (click any picture to see it enlarged).

StJamesDidsbury1997.jpg (21994 bytes)

St James'Church, Didsbury. There is a vault in the churchyard that contains many members of the Birley family. There is also a register in the safe of the church that contains extensive handwritten listings of the inscriptions on the churchyard's graves.

Monument commemorating The Church of St. Peter, otherwise known as the Manchester Cathedral. Several members of the Birley family were buried at this church.

StPetersMemorialManchester1997.jpg (25881 bytes)

LindaAtManchesterPublicLibrary1997.jpg (28275 bytes)

Linda in front of the Manchester Public Library prior to our visiting it to do genealogical research. The photo was taken from the St. Peter's monument.
A view of the site of the former Ford Bank mansion, home of several generations of Birleys. The mansion was on the rise behind the goalposts.

SiteOfFormerFordBank.jpg (23814 bytes)

PathwayaWithHorsesFromStJamesChurchToMerseyRiver.jpg (35021 bytes)

Even though this is in a cosmopolitan area which is, to all intents and purposes a part of the City of Manchester, horse riders may be seen routinely traversing the pathways that sill abound in the area.
Auntie Barbara photographed atop the dyke along the Mersey River in Didsbury near St. James'Church and the site of the former Ford Bank home of the Birleys.

AuntieBarbaraAtopEmbankmentOfMerseyRiver1997.jpg (6720 bytes)


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