Sixth Generation

31. Thomas Barff1,2 was born on 20 May 1712 in Hurst Courtenay, Berkshire, England.2 He died on 19 June 1794 at the age of 82.2 He has reference number K2YX-GF1.

This individual is purely a guess, but it is based on the record of a Thomas Barff born in 1712 with a listed death year of 1739. However that death year belongs to the father in this family. As the listed marriage date in Family Search for the father is 1711, this wuold seem reasonable. This would then make this Thomas a candidate to be the father of Elizabeth Barff, born in 1741 -- two years after the older Thomas Barff died.

Thomas Barff and Ann were married <1738> in Snaith Church.2 Ann1,2 was born in 1717.2 She has reference number MHSM-WPG.

Thomas Barff (K2YX-GF1) and Ann (MHSM-WNL) had the following children:



Sarah Barff1,2 has reference number MHSM-W26. She was born <1739> in Of Carlton In Courtenay, Hirst, Yorkshire, England.



Elizabeth Barff1,2 was born in 1741 in Of Carlton In Courtenay, Hirst, Yorkshire, England.2 She died in 1790 at the age of 49.2 It appears unlikely that this person is the daughter of this Thomas Barff as the birthdate is two years later than the death date for Thomas. More likely there was an intervening Thomas Barff, born in 1712, first child of Thomas and Mary.



Mary Barff1,2 was born about 1742 in Of Hurst Courtenay, England.2 She has reference number MHSM-W6J.



William Barff (LHZ6-RKW).