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This is a collection of several GEDCOM files saved as self-extracting ZIP files. Please notice that, with the exception of the HORNBY collection, the data in all the other collections is in the Full Birley Database file, and all the other collections overlap a great deal in their detail. They have only been created like this so that they match the collections displayed here on the website. The HORNBY data has not all been entered into our computer yet, and so has not been fully integrated with the rest of the data.

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)The Full Birley Database

Everything I have except for the Hornby data as mentioned above.

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)David Birley Ancestors

The ancestral line of David Birley

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)Linda (Gill) Birley ancestors

Ancestral line of Linda Birley

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)John Birley Descendants

All descendants of John Birley, born 1710

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)Henry Gardiner/Gardner Descendants

All descendants of Henry Gardiner (or Gardner), born about 1500

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)Edmund Pilling Descendants

All Descendants of Henry Pilling, born about 1677

bullet.gif (1512 bytes)Hornby Family Data

All the Hornby data which I have at this time.

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Last Updated 04 August, 2016 by David Birley