Snow! January 2 - 6, 2002

One thing that must be understood: South Carolina doesn't know how to do snow. Not even how to do winter, for that matter. Amid dire warnings of evil days to come, winter storm watches and winter storm warnings, the bread and milk supplies on grocery shelves exploded off into residents' shopping carts, and the weather pundits on the local radio and TV channels tut-tutted over all the awful things what were going to happen. I present for your instruction the time line of this meteorological disaster.


The Storm Begins, January 2.

Taken with flash which makes the flakes look bigger than they really were, but showing a fair density of falling snow.

You can see each view larger by clicking on it. When you get to the fifth one, you can clock on the little arrowhead to the right of it to see the sixth and seventh ones.