Sixteenth Generation

39168. Richard HORNBY86,87,95 was born about 1613 in Of Newton-With-Scales, Lancashire, England. So listed in Foster. He was buried on 27 March 1660 in Kirkham, Lancashire, England. LAND_RECORDS: ... is mentioned in certain title-deeds still extant. Elizabeth WALMESLEY and Richard HORNBY were married in 1653 in Kirkham, Lancashire, England.

39169. Elizabeth WALMESLEY86,87,95 was born about 1615 in Of Elston, Lancashire, England. Guessed from husband's birthdate.

Children were:



William HORNBY (K8NM-SJP).


Parnell HORNBY95,273 was born before 23 November 1654 in Of Kirkham, Lancashire, England. He was christened on 23 November 1654 in Kirkham, Lancashire, England. The position of this individual in the Hornby research would suggest that this is a female rather than a male, although this certainly is a name that is more usually found for a male.