Fourth Generation

8. Herbert BIRLEY J. P.3,14,43,44,45,46 was born on 10 April 1821 in Ford Bank, Didsbury, Lancashire, England.3,4 One IGI listing gives birth date as April 16, and place as Pendleton By Salford, Lancashire, England. This is incorrect. Pendleton By Salford was the 1881 Census place, but it lists the birth place as Didsbury. The age given in the census is 59 which is consistent with this record. He was christened on 31 May 1821 in Saint James, Didsbury, Lancashire, England. In 1881 he was an India Rubber Manufacturer in Pendleton In Salford, Lancashire, England.47 Census lists him as "Head", meaning head of household. Herbert died on 20 November 1890 at the age of 69 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England.3,4 He was in J. P. of Spring Bank.3,4 "Pedigree": of Spring Bank, Pendleton, Lancashire Note: Herbert and his wife Cicely were double first cousins

TWIN OF HENRY BIRLEY Cicely Margaret and Herbert BIRLEY J. P. were married on 12 August 1851 in Pendleton By Salford, Lancashire, England.3

9. Cicely Margaret3,14,48,49,50 was born on 6 November 1828 in Manchester, Lancashire, England.47 She was christened on 15 March 1829 in Manchester, Lancashire, England. She died on 24 November 1909 at the age of 81 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England.4 Cicely and her husband Herbert were double first cousins


Children were:


Hugh Cecil BIRLEY3,14,51,52 was born on 21 April 1855 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England.3 In 1881 he was an India Rubber manufacturer in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England.53 Listed as Visitor with William W. Clapham, General Merchant. He died on 5 March 1926 at the age of 70 in Florida.3



Herbert Edgar BIRLEY3,54,55,56 was born on 22 March 1857 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England.3,47 Census lists him as an Agricultural Student. He died on 23 August 1909 at the age of 52 in Spring Bank, Pendleton, Lancashire. He died on 23 August 1909 at the age of 52.3


Cicely Beatrice BIRLEY3,14,57,58 was born on 21 December 1860 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England.3,47 She died on 23 March 1946 at the age of 85 in Southport, Lancashire, England. Death notice gives place of death as 6, Allerton Road, Southport. and address as "of Spring Bank, Sandy Lane, Pendleton. Dwelling place is listed as [Dwelling]3 This is the famous "Aunt Bee" who spent all her spare time and a pretty hefty chunk of her inheritance on traveling the world looking for members of the Birley family. She published her findings in a looseleaf book entitled "The Pedigree of the Birleys of Lancashire".


Margaret Maude BIRLEY3,14,51,59 was born on 7 August 1865 in Pendleton By Salford, Lancashire, England.3 She died on 27 January 1887 at the age of 21 in Egypt.3 She was also known as Margaret Maud Birley.


Henry Reginald BIRLEY3,51,60,61 was born on 11 January 1868 in Pendleton, Lancashire, England. He was born on 11 January 1868.3 He died on 29 December 1914 at the age of 46 in Lake City, Florida, U. S. A.. Henry died on 29 December 1914 at the age of 46.3




Joseph Harold BIRLEY (K2N2-GWY).