Fourth Generation

34. Mary Birley3,22,50,56,113,153 was born on 20 June 1789 in Ford Bank, Didsbury, Lancashire, England.3 She died on 23 March 1862 at the age of 72.3

Mary Birley and Joseph Baxendale154 were married on 29 February 1816 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England.3,4,155 Joseph Baxendale3,22,50,156,157, son of Josiah Baxendale and Mabella Salesbury, was born on 28 September 1785 at Of Woodside in Whetstone, Middlesex, England. He was born on 28 September 1785 at Parish of Walton Le-Dale in Blackburn, Lancashire, England.3,155 He died on 24 March 1872 at the age of 86.3,4 Joseph was born on 28 September 1785, the son of Josiah Baxendale and Mabella Salisbury, at Lancaster, Lancashire. Baxendale was educated at Lancaster but left in 1804 for Preston, and afterwards London, where in 1806 he was with Samuel Croughton, wholesale linen draper, of 33 St Paul's Churchyard, the agent for Bannister, Hall & Co., calico-printers of Preston.

In 1809 Baxendale returned to Lancashire and became a one-fifth partner in Bannister Hall with Charles Swainson, his cousin through the Salisbury family.

In 1817, he and two other partners bought a controlling interest in the firm of Pickfords and Co., Movers. Baxendale transformed the firm from a family-run canal carrier into a national enterprise. During the next twenty years Baxendale's energetic and far-sighted management turned the firm's fortunes to great prosperity and expanded it to become the largest carrying business in the United Kingdom.

Mary Birley (KPQR-43J) and Joseph Baxendale (LZXY-WY5) had the following children:



Joseph Hornby Baxendale (M68S-7Y2).



Alice Baxendale (KGB5-N7D).



Mabella Baxendale (K4VH-YBJ).



Lloyd Baxendale (KG13-QLS).



Richard Birley Baxendale (LZD9-1CS).



Jane Birley Baxendale (LZD9-B5P).



Salisbury Baxendale (LZD9-BLX).